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Aesalon Silver by Abbadon771
Aesalon Silver
Name: Aesalon(Latin for falcon) Silver
Age: 17
Ability: Air manipulation to enhance his speed and grant him tempory glide
Weapon: Iron Wing Katana uses burn dust rounds to heat the blade to improve slicing
Fighting style: I'm going to use real world fighting styles to describe his fighting style- mix of Ninjitsu and Samurai sword fighting
personality: free spirit ready to taackle a challenge laid back but gets serious at the right time enjoys the rush of sprinting at fast speeds along the ocean front can get aggressive 
Son of a famous huntsman and a small town detective Living in Atlas Aesalon lived the life any child would want a loving family. Aesalon's f ather is a famous huntsman named Hawk Silver the Crimson Wind a huntsman people say who flies through the blood and limbs of Grimm monsters alike. With such an awesome dad Aesalon wanted to become a huntsman just like his dad. As much as Hawk liked his son's enthusiasms he would not allow his son to train until he could answer one question "Why would you fight for what purpose other than me or fighting?" For almost a year Aesalon did not have an answer till he finally found one in the image of a falcon. In his eyes the falson was an animal of freedom flying through the breeze soaring across the winds without having to worry about Grimm or walls to protect itself. To be free from the walls of the kingdom to run in the wild and fight against anything had been Aesalon's dream but humanity and Fanus alik cannot live such a life. Everyone has to live behind walls or else be slaughtered by monsters. It was this that Aesalon could give his father the answer to his question he would fight so that everyone could roam free without worry of monsters or fear itself. Aesalon would give his life so that those who cannot fight for themselves and live like the falcon the creature of his dreams. After giving his answer Aesalon's father finally said yes.  For several years, Aesalon's father trained him in katana sword fighting and his mother taught him ideals and morals.  With the help of both of his parents, Aesalon became a steadfast, cool, calculating warrior who is ready to take the advanced lessons of beacon to fulfill his dream and strive to accomplish his purpose.

RWBY belongs to Roosterteeth
I really haven't enjoyed Sonic fan art as I use to, so I am deciding whether or not to stop sonic and continue my studies on anthro.  I have been drawing a lot of anthromorphic than sonic lately.  I may do a few snippets of my sonic OCs, but I have more enjoyment in creating my own universe of anthromorphic creatures, and I have been suprising myself with the things I have been creating (I did an anthro anteater).  So I might be saying good bye.


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